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What’s the point of voting?

We cannot obtain the real information nor news. It is all manipulated by the powerful.


I mean it's impossible to make a decision, b/c all the news stations lie so much as well as the politicians

Update 2:

A.J. "wow. I was talking about both parties lieing, not just democrats". All you did was make me want to vote Republican by assuming that I was being biased, because you admitted that Dumbocrats are crooks.

Update 3:

I shouldn't have said Dumbocrats; I was just mad.

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  • It's a self delusion tool, provided by Govt. Worldwide to bamboozle you into believing you're in control.

    Oddly it actually works.

  • 1 month ago

    The greatest enemy of our democracy is not the 1% but the apathy of the American voter. 

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