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Localized left chest tightness/shortness of breath... Could it be stress/anxiety or GERD? Please help...?

I know nobody here is a doctor. im just anxious and any insight/advice would be appreciated.

Im 35 y/o male, 165 lbs. No smoking or drinking, no pre-existing conditions. Overall health is good. For most of 2020 i have been undergoing some emotional stress. I am learning to deal with and manage it. But as a result of the stress and lack of exercise (gyms closed), i haven't been eating right most of the time.

For 3 weeks, I've had on/off chest tightness/shortness of breath, but its only occurring in about 3-4 inches below the left clavicle, somewhere around that area. It doesn't go down my arm or anywhere else. Its not painful, just an urge to inhale deeply but you can't quite "catch it" on that one side of your body.

This has been on and off for about 3 weeks. I notice it mostly when im active, during errands, etc. But not so much when im lying down/falling asleep (sometimes yes when lying down). Exercise is not a problem. I do regular long walks and I returned to the gym last week.

I went to cardiologist last week. vitals and ekg all normal. The doc did a stethoscope exam on my left carotid and said she thinks she heard a little bit of carotid bruit. She believes i may have either: a little plaque in my left carotid, GERD, or it could be stress/anxiety.

She ordered bloodwork, pulmonary test, echocardiogram and something else. I did the echo so far and i return tomorrow to complete the rest. She said i didnt need the stress test.

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