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Bunny help?

I just brought my bunny home, he is 6 weeks and 2 days ( I know you are NOT suppose to wean them until 8 WEEKS) long story but the dude lied. Any recommendations.?

I have Timothy hay for him, and his transitioning food, with mannapro pellets, and fresh water.

He doesn’t seem to be eating, he does hide, but I’ve been really good in laying down and waiting for him to come to me ! Which he does, today he ran up to me, got between my legs and fell asleep :)) 

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    Baby bunnies are so fragile at that age, everything can be seemingly be going well and then suddenly it is not. Keep a close eye on how much the bunny is drinking. It may take a day or two before he gets comfortable enough to eat, but if he is nibbling on the hay and drinking his water he likely isn't in crisis. I never recommend buying a baby rabbit that's under 10 weeks. I raise rabbits and I don't even take them away from their mothers until 8 weeks unless she is being aggressive towards them. At 8 weeks mama is taken out and the litter remains together for 2 weeks before getting separated into their own cages, and if I have orders, I'll make them available to the buyers, otherwise they start being groomed to become show rabbits. In your case, I would say the bunny's most pressing need is a quiet environment free of any additional stressors. It's okay to talk softly to him and cuddle him, but don't over do the handling, especially if he struggles when you hold him. I would suggest getting something to be his companion. If another bunny about the same age isn't an option, you can try substituting a stuffed animal, just watch that he isn't chewing pieces off of it that might get lodges in his digestive tract. You could also get him a mirror so he doesn't feel so alone. I play the radio on low volume for my rabbits, but I take them to shows where they have to be comfortable around strange noises and human voices, so it's sort of therapeutic for my bunnies to be exposed to noise. Your bunny probably should have as much quiet as possible. He doesn't need a lot of space though. Rabbits feel exposed if they are out in the open too much. I hope you have lots of luck with him. The dude was very irresponsible for selling a baby that little, there is just so much that can still go wrong.

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