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Is soap good or bad for your hair?

last 2 years i was having a dan druff do i have used head and shoulders to treat that. but later i've realized that when i shaved i hair i've noticed some shedding and thinning altho they arent that visible cuz my hair is that african black thick kind of hair. so i've stopped using it and used soap instead. now i only have dan druff in the sides rather than the middle so i've decided to use head and sholders to wash the sides and then soap on the rest. I don't think soap has harmful chemicals. will soap cause hair fall?

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  • Soap can be harsh on your hair, it can dry it out if you're not using a conditioner. 

    If you have dandruff then use an anti dandruff shampoo and a conditioner. Soap doesn't do any thing for dandruff, but it shouldn't make your hair fall out. 

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    soap is bad and that is why they have something called shampoo

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