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Please help previous abuse victim ?

How do I 24f tell my 57m partner that my HPV might be.coming back to explain I was in a rough relationship when I was 14-18 he was 34 I took drugs meth, pills, etc and then it got bad I was used for sex for drugs and if I didn't do it I was beaten amyways.

 I left when I was 18 but when.I left I noticed a lump on my vagina it was gential warts I got treated and thought I was fine .fast forward to now.I'm 24 and my partner knows my ex used me he doesn't know I had gential warts 1, because I was extremely embarrassed , 2 because it had been years I met him at 21 and I've had no problems till now when tonight I noticed a lump inside my vagina lip I'm.scared.

 how do I tell him without him instantly thinking I've cheated which isn't the case thanks.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    HPV is one of the most common Std's. Many people have it without even knowing they have it to begin with. I dont think he will think you cheated on him, he might be more upset if he knows you had it and never told him. Its an unfortunate situation, one I can relate to somewhat since I also have HPV, have had outbreaks, currently clean, however once I get a girlfriend it's gonna be hard to deal with it. 

    Him knowing of your past might help you talk about the situation. At this point there's 3 options. 1.tell him you knew you had it but never mentioned it.

    2. have him think you cheated on him and caught it. 

    3 or tell him you have it and inform him what type of std it is and show him that you can have it and never show symptoms (lie about it). good luck. 

  • kelvin
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    1 month ago

    you get a boyfriend closer to your age

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