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I had a dream that someone was putting a crown on the top of my head?

I was having a dream last night that a person was laying a Golden Crown on the top of my head.

At the same time a real earthquake was going on in real life while I was dreaming this dream.

What does it mean?

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    The interpretation of a dream in which a crown appears will vary according to the material of which it is made: a newspaper crown, a sign that the dreamer needs to mature, if he really wants to win the loved one; a colored paper crown, do not judge not to be judged and do not jump to conclusions, be careful not to commit injustice; a wreath indicates success with the opposite sex; a golden crown is a sign that you will be awarded with the recognition of someone important in the company; a silver crown, it is certain that you will receive a pleasant surprise prepared by the family; an aluminum crown, don’t waste money, difficult times are coming; an iron crown is a warning to you to free yourself from oppressive individuals around you; a laurel wreath is an indication that you will achieve many victories if you persist in your goal; a crown of thorns, care, serious illness from a close friend or family member. To attend or participate in a coronation, know that a person you have recently met will be of great importance in your life.

    Dreaming about an earthquake means some kind of problem or turbulence your life is going through. It may represent some major challenge that you are being subjected to and that you have no idea how to proceed in order to overcome it. Problems will come, but resist and you will be able to solve them.

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     To dream of a crown is to acknowledge your own success and to recognize your ability to forge ahead in life. The earthquake was just coincidental. 

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