Can you write a novel with a similar setting and concept to an existing franchise?

To be clear, I want to write a novel that takes place on an island resort with lab grown dinosaurs in a theme park(Much like Jurassic Park). Can I legally do this with no problems? Or does Universal Studios have a monopoly on Dino Theme Park stories? If there is ANY way to safely do this please let me know, because I’m so passionate about this idea.

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    1 month ago

    Yes. Just make it your own thing. Just write it. I'm sure it will end up being more different than you think

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    And a very good idea it is too, "rich". I can see why you're so passionate about it. Gosh, how I'd love to read the finished product. Hey - I'm just fibbin'! I wouldn't!

    Still, I like your idea of making a Jurassic Park version of the board game 'Monopoly'. You should probably stick to that.

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    1 month ago

    The idea came from a book so Universal Studios have the monopoly on nothing much. Could you do it and face no legal cases -yes. The trouble is JP is very unique, not in the idea that is used dino's but that it cloned them in a theme park style. That WAS original and very modern and the themes the story explored just added extra layers to a creative idea - the movies then ruined them. Even the first one wasn't much like the movie. The trouble is it's not your idea and it is still so original and loved that 1) publishers might turn you down because it's obviously a copy cat idea 2) you'll get torn to shreds for copying it. Even if you made it original in your own idea, the basic idea has been taken. Someone I wattpad put up a sci-fi war novel about people using dino's in war (obviously an idea only partially explored in Jurassic World) and he got pretty flamed for it. I liked that he went into more detail and showed up what could have happened had they gone down that route. And he made it all different but the base idea was there. He had to remove it which annoyed a few of us because we wanted to finish reading it. Had he of uploaded it there as fan-fic he might have been ok. 

    You could write this idea for yourself and forget publishing then no one but you would know. If you're that passionate about it, does it matter who sees it?

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    There is no copyright on ideas, only on the execution of those ideas--the books and movies. So your book set up with the same circumstances would not be a copyright or other legal violation.

    It would seem derivative and copycat-like, and commercial publishers might have no interest for those reasons, no matter how good it might be.

    You'd have to bring something unique, original, and very, very different from the Jurassic Park franchise to the table to have a shot at commercial publishing.

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