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excel help?

i have a formula (row C2:C20) which starts with iferror, so the result could return a blank cell if there's an error.  Now if the cell return me a value or a text (which ever my it may be), is there a way that i could count only the visible results? not counting the blanks.  So if i have values in C2:C5 and blanks on C6:C20, i only want to count C2:C5 to =4



if C2:C20 are blanks it should =0

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    If you put "" as the result for a blank cell, COUNTIF should work. However, if you used "0" as the result, countif will count the Zeros too. 


    This formula will count only nonblank cells, but will count any cell with zero as a formula result or implied through a formula. 


    this formula will count any cell that is not blank or is not Zero (0)

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    You might have to amend your IFERROR statement to return a zero, if it's set up to put a blank there.

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