Why are there so many songs on the internet that have no origin?

Like I will hear a song somewhere and I will look for it an a bunch of random people will have posted it and there is no known author and its no on any services like Youtube music, spotify, apple music, ect.

1 Answer

  • steve
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Provide an example you want identified.

    The songs you hear (of course) have an origin, but it will be more helpful if you provide a specific example.   This doesn't mean that someone will be able to identify it though, as it could be 'Production Music', 'Stock Music', 'Royalty Free Music' which are all cheaper to use, but may be fairly difficult to identify. Someone within that industry would have a better chance of identifying the music, though they probably would have to be associated with the music company itself.

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