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Pro Life Folks: What's your opinion on the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) process?

For those unfamiliar with this process, it is for couple who are having difficulties becoming pregnant.

 Sperm is first collected from the father where it is examined and cleaned. By cleaning you separate the unhealthy/dead sperm cells from the healthy. Then eggs are removed from the mother. Hormones are used so that multiple eggs can be collected. The sperm are then manually inserted into the egg in a petri dish. The multiple embryos generated from this process are then monitored in their early development. The healthiest embryo and most likely to result in a successful insemination and implantation is then transferred to the uterus. The excess embryos are then discarded as they will not survive long outside the uterus. 

My question is, for those who believe life begins at fertilization, does that mean those who want to conceive their own child but cannot are simply out of luck? Is this something that you would support? Or are you somewhere in between?

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    If there's anyone who knows for a fact how often life fails to begin at conception, it's someone who has actually been through IVF.

    You are also inaccurate in your description of what happens post-ICSI. Generally embryos are allowed 3-6 days to develop, during which some will arrest. Attrition rate depends on numerous factors, including the couple's ages and overall reproductive health. If the couple has opted for fresh transfer, then yes, the best looking 1-2 embryos will be transferred. However, most couples opt to have any remaining embryos vitrified, not disposed of, and some couples have ALL of their embryos vitrified either due to scheduling preferences or to have them biopsied for genetic screening. The couple then has 1-2 embryos thawed at a time for transfer. If at the end of the couple's IVF journey there are any embryos left over, they have one of three choices: dispose of them, donate to scientific research, or make the embryos available for "embryo adoption." Or, for couples for whom none of these are morally acceptable options, there is a fourth option of having the embryo(s) transferred into the uterus at a point in the female partner's cycle when they are unlikely to implant. They then arrest and pass naturally with her next period.

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    this is an excellent question!!  i have thought about this before and as a pro life person, i cannot help but be torn.  yes,  the embryos are lives but do they have a soul?  are they basically and ectopic pregnancy (outside the uterus).   if i were to do in vitro, i would say just make ONE embryo.  one life.  then there aren't any lives being thrown away.   very interesting thing to think about

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