What are your thoughts these NBA 70's franchise players?

Atlanta Hawks: Lou Hudson

Boston Celtics: John Havlicek

Buffalo Braves: Bob McAdoo

Chicago Bulls: Bob Love

Cleveland Cavaliers: Campy Russell

Denver Nuggets: David Thompson

Detroit Pistons: Bob Lanier

Golden State Warriors: Rick Barry

Houston Rockets: Rudy Tomjanovich

Indiana Pacers: Mel Daniels

Kansas City Kings: Nate Archibald

Los Angeles Lakers: Gail Goodrich

Milwaukee Bucks: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

New Orleans Jazz: Pete Maravich

New York Knicks: Walt Frazier

New York Nets: Julius Erving

Philadelphia 76ers: Doug Collins

Phoenix Suns: Connie Hawkins

Portland Trail Blazers: Bill Walton

San Antonio Spurs: George Gervin

Seattle SuperSonics: Spencer Haywood

Washington Bullets: Elvin Hayes

BQ: What are your thoughts on the 70's of NBA (1969-70 to 1978-79)?

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  • 1 month ago

    Ah, back when I used really enjoy pro basketball I watched these guys play on Sunday afternoons on ABC.  This was back in the day when weekday playoff games were shown on tape delay at 11:30 PM.  OK, here we go.

    Hudson...very underrated. Lou deserved to play on better teams.

    Havlicek...possibly the best 6th man ever

    McAdoo...for a short time, he might have been the leagues premier scoring machine.

    Love...I don't know how he scored the way he did.  He had this goofy shot where the ball came from behind his head.

    Russell...Not a bad player, but was more of a big fish in a small pond in Cleveland back then.

    Thompson...He could do some amazing things with the ball between the time he left the ground and came back down.  And unlike today's players, he flew the way he did using just the step and a half the rules allowed.

    Lanier...Had the misfortune to be playing at the same time as Chamberlain and Abdul-Jabbar.  Take a look at an image of his sneakers.  You could fit a pretty good sized SUV inside of them.  Or Muggsy Bogues...I think he'd fit in one of Lanier's sneakers.

    Barry...One of the most complete players I've ever seen.  And there's that amazing underhanded free throw style.

    Tomjanovich...On the receiving end of one of the ugliest, most brutal acts by an athlete during a game when he got sucker punched by Kermit Washington

    Daniels...one of the best centers nobody's ever heard of, and a certified b@d@$$ on the court.

    Archibald...Tiny Archibald did things with a basketball that nobody had done since Bob Cousy retired, and wouldn't do again until Magic Johnson came along.

    Goodrich...One of the smoothest shooter I've ever seen, even if it was only on TV

    Abdul-Jabbar...Unstoppable.  That jump hook of his was lethal.

    Maravich...Terrible misfortune to have played on some really rotten teams.  He would probably still own all the college scoring records had he played with a 3-point line at LSU.

    Frazier...Clyde.  The original NBA GQ Guy. One of the slickest guards I've ever seen.  Could have probably scored more, but he concentrated on his defense a lot of the time, and he was content to set up Monroe, Reed, DeBusschere  and Lucas.

    Erving...I don't think there was a single game of his that he didn't do something to make the crowd's collective jaw drop.  One of the great You Tube videos of all time is an ABA slam-dunk contest between The Doctor and David Thompson.  As Dick Vitale would say, "Awesome with a Capital A, Baby."

    Collins...Very talented.  Could have achieved more had he been able to stay healthy.  It was the injuries he suffered during his last 2 seasons that did him in, but was injury prone his whole career.  Was part of the Olympic team that suffered that controversial loss to the Russians in 1972.

    Hawkins...Wasted his prime years playing for the American Basketball League, the Harlem Globetrotters, and the ABA.  He'd been implicated in the point shaving scandals of the early 60's and was blackballed by the NBA until late in his career. 

    Walton...Oh, if he'd have only been able to stay healthy.  Totally lived up to his role as Alcindor's successor at UCLA.  Had the game of his life in the NCAA finals against Memphis State.

    Gervin...The Iceman Cometh.  As deadly a shooter as ever stepped onto a basketball court.

    Haywood...Good career.  Should have been great.  Left college after two seasons, so he had to play in the ABA.  Was the first player to challenge the NBA in court over requiring a player's class to have graduated to be eligible for the league.  Had substance abuse issues later in his career.  Lot of unfulfilled potential.  Sad.

    Hayes...He and Wes Unseld were rebounding terrors, even though they gave away height to almost every front line in the league.  While at the U. of Houston, defeated Alcindor and UCLA in the first nationally televised regular season college basketball game.  Always though he was very underrated.

    I loved the NBA from that era.  If you go back a couple years earlier, watching Chamberlain and Russell go to war under the hoop every time they met was awesome.  And there are so many good players you didn't mention...Willis Reed, Russell and Wilt, Earl the Pearl Monroe, Norm van Lier, Jerry West, Nate Thurmond......

    Like I said, I saw most of these guys play on TV only, because I don't live in an NBA market (Pittsburgh).  But we did have the ABA, first the Pipers, who won the inaugural ABA championship and then the Condors, who were horrible.

    But I did get to see Rick Barry, when he jumped to the Oakland Oaks.  I also had the great and good fortune to see Dr. J., Daniels, Gervin and Thompson live in their ABA days.  George McGinnis and Dan Issel, too.  Connie Hawkins was the star on that Pipers championship team.

    That's when basketball was fun to watch.

  • 1 month ago

    They're Great Players.   Rick Barry, Kareem. Bill Walton, Dr J, George Gervin and More.

    BQ: DR J was Helped NBA to Saved their League Until Magic and Larry Bird.

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