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Can rejection and pure abuse lead to post traumatic stress disorder?

If so how would I explain this to my parents you don’t get it.  I believe I have PTSD from rejection involving my parents divorce and being bullied as a child in school. In school meeting learning disabled I was the class clown and with the divorce my mother would vent to me about my father which led to me thinking he did not wanna relationship with me as she would claim “he left us” rather than he left her.  My two siblings were not as affected but they did better in school and had a lot more friends.  


Meant to say peer abuse, not pure. 

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    1)It's probably not PTSD but some other impact on you psychologically. Emotional trauma while growing up can manifest in a variety of ways. 2)Teens and youth are difficult due to changing hormones,so that would also play a major role in your emotions now.Usually by one's early 20's these mood swings,depression,etc go away.

    If you have issues,I agree with the other posters,you should get professional help. Good luck and God bless.

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    Yes, it can.

    Physical and sexual abuse cause PTSD because they are emotional abuse- which is what you have suffered. I believe what you're describing is probably complex-PTSD, and it's common among kids that go through a divorce OR bullying in school.

    I developed some PTSD-like symptoms in college from bullying when I was younger and then rejection. There are as many causes of PTSD as their are people- it's highly individual.

    The most important thing you can do at this point is find a therapist who you TRUST and who truly understands you, and then they may be able to help you deal with what you've experienced.

    I always recommend meditation/hypnotherapy because I believe PTSD is based in the subconscious mind.

    Source(s): Degree in psychology... although tbh you learn more from just talking to people.
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     that this isn't drama caused by trolling for attention? Wouldn't know truthfully?

    PTSD? It's the month for the awareness about Mental Health? Sorry, from what context I can gather for this post. Such isn't helping you in this case? Divorced and your not "pure." 

    OK, my mental state now... Sorry, but I'm thinking this rant is more from some youth that's got it easier then others to go back to my post about trolling.

    Still sucks if you were bullied? Again, unsure of what actually happened to you. Fish, fish, and even more stinky fish? Still, easy to get confused just trying to make some sense out of reading all this. Going to have to come back latter. mind be???

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    I can't really say that if it causes PTSD but I do know that it leaves huge mental scars that can last for a lifetime. So technically it is possible that you are reminded of those incidents time and again and that causes symptoms like that of PTSD. 

    If that's case, here is something I recently came across about treating PTSD

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    no name , ohh well another troll , you left out sexual abuse

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    No, that doesn't sound like post traumatics stress disorder at all.

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    Yes it can and yes you sound very intelligent and that you have good insight. And I’m just adding something here because I looked at some of the other answers. The person that said you could NOT have PTSD because it can only be caused by the incidents that they mentioned in their stupid is full of crap. They know nothing about it. 

    Those of us who have it know what it’s caused by and it’s can be easily caused by what you’re talking about here. I have it too. And those of us on the autistic spectrum are particularly prone to being bullied and mocked and humiliated. And if that happens over a period of time it can certainly lead to a PTSD condition.

    Some of the people who post these answers on mental health issues in Y!A have never even suffered from any of the conditions they purport to be experts on. It really pisses me off.

    *I also just read that that person who said you DON’T have PTSD says they were held against their will and raped. If true, that’s terrible and tragic. Obviously. But it’s also terrible that this person is trying to ‘corner the market’ on PTSD by claiming that people can’t get it for OTHER reasons than hers and the ones included in her exclusionary list. That’s not doing anybody who has this condition a service. Quite the opposite. I wish this person well after her horrible experience. But it’s not right for her to try to portray others who are also suffering from this horrible condition as being incorrect in identifying it as such. I suffer from it as well. Everybody’s situation is different. But it is what it is. I also vehemently disagree with this person that you have to have had nightmares or flashbacks in order to qualify for a diagnosis of PTSD. You don’t. Or a person might have had them on some occasions and then stopped having them which doesn’t mean that the PTSD has gone away. But having nightmares and flashbacks is certainly not a requirement for a PTSD diagnosis. And she also forgot to mention servicemen and women in her exclusionary list of those who can have this terrible condition. Which is absurd. How could she have left that out? And I see that she has now given me a thumbs down as well. Not surprised. I really don’t appreciate people who profess to know everything about something just because they have one form of it. And try to make everybody else seem somehow like a malingerer. That’s horrible

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    It would be useful to talk to a counsellor. There is no shame about asking for help.

    Your mum was wrong to say that to you. I knew a girl and her mother told her he left cos he wanted a boy and 25 years later she traced him and it turned out he had been trying to contact her for years.

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    No. PTSD is caused by severe trauma such as;

    serious road accidents

    violent personal assaults, such as sexual assault, mugging or robbery

    serious health problems

    childbirth experiences

    terror attacks

    You also haven't described any symptoms of PTSD such as flashbacks or nightmares. However, if you're struggling then you would benefit from counselling. 

    Source(s): I have PTSD after being held against my will for several hours and raped.
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    I'm not saying you don't have a problem, but we're in no position to diagnose it. What you say is not really a question. You say, "I believe ..." You're in no position to diagnose either. Talk to your doctor. You might want to click on my name and read my answers. I've answered a lot of mental health questions, with advice from experts.

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