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How common is it for myopia to deteriorate after age 30?

My prescriptions are -1.25 for the left eye and -1.75 for the right eye.  It has been this way for almost a decade, and I'm 32.  I got glasses when I was 18, and I was -1.0 and -1.25 for my left and right eyes respectively.  So it hasn't deteriorated much.

Is it safe to assume that my vision will not get worse?

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    Most of the time myopia is stable by the early twenties. This is one of the things that makes surgeries like LASIK make sense. If people's vision continued to change, getting it corrected once would not work. Over the next few years, your myopia may actually become a little less. At some point around forty, you will notice that you can read better without your glasses than you can with. When you are in your late sixties and start developing cataracts, you may become  more myopic.

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