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Is walking 30 minutes on a treadmill everyday enough to lose weight? ?

Im 17


225 lbs 


My eating habits are pretty terrible. I don’t really eat breakfast, I snack very little until the end of the day where I have a big dinner, then I midnight snack. 

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    Good evening, no it isn’t. You should eat healthy and try detoxing. I was pretty much like you, when it came down to not really eating breakfast. Then I was introduced to a product by the name of Tava. The products are amazing, not only have I lost weight but have energy to get me through the day. It’s all natural. If interested, click the link below for details. You won’t be sorry. I hope I was able to answer your question and help. Have a good evening.

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    No idea what your daily caloric intake is

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    You will definitely lose weight by doing 30minutes on a treadmill. Yet, this will be dependent on the number of times you use the treadmill and your speed. If you go faster or slower then you will burn more or fewer calories. Augment this with a sensible diet so that your efforts are not wasted.  

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    Not by itself, no--you will also have to change your diet and sleeping habits in order to effect the best weight loss. 

    Diet:(1)  Add vegetables--at every meal. In fact if you can eat 50% of your diet in vegetables OTHER than corn, beans and potatoes, you will feel more full, you will ramp up your metabolism and you will more effectively process what other foods you eat. (2) cut out most PROCESSED, PACKAGED food. Including fast food. Cook for yourself, and eat less  of anything that comes in a box, or a bag or a can. 

    (3) substitute whole grains anywhere you eat grains--especially your cereal and bread. 

    (4) cut as much sugar and sugary food out of your diet as possible--look at your labels and any ingredient that ends in --'OSE' (fructose, gluccose, maltose, dextrose) is sugar--make sure it's not listed in the first ingredients before you buy and eat it. 

    (5) Stop drinking soda--even diet soda. Drink water. Don't substitute juice, either--juices raise your blood sugar very, very high, which can result in mid-afternoon or mid-morning 'crashes' when it comes back down, and which can make you hungrier. 

    CUT YOUR PORTIONS. Learn what a portion of food actually is--by measuring it, weighing it or counting it. Most people eat portions that are far too large. 

    Sleep: make sure you are getting enough! The later you stay up, the more you are likely to eat--and a well-rested body uses its nutrients much better than one which i exhausted. Don't rely on coffee or soda to wake you up--sleep more or sleep later and try to wake up naturally. I know this sounds odd, but it makes a big difference. 

    Continue your 30 minutes on the treadmill every day. If you can't manage the entire half-hour, break it down into 3 10-minute walks. 

    Good luck with it!

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  • keerok
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    Not enough.

    Weight increase is more related to dietary problems rather than exercise. Lose a meal or two each day for starters.

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    Weight loss comes down to what you eat.  Exercise can help but you can't outrun a bad diet.

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    If walking on the treadmill combined with your daily calorie intake leads you to have a calorie deficit, then yes. Fat loss occurs when you consume fewer calories than your body 'burns'. It's easier to lose fat by cutting calories than by exercise alone, BUT it happens fastest when you reduce your calorie intake AND increase your activity level (so you burn more calories daily). 


    Your eating habits are 100% up to you. If you know they are "terrible" then it would make sense to adjust them to be less terrible. The key is to for at least 80% of what you eat to be healthy/whole food (nutritious food). It doesn't matter what time of day/night you eat it, just that you are providing your body with nutrition, not just empty calories. 

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    No. Weight loss is 80% diet.  You need to turn your eating habits around.

    1. You body either uses the fuel you give it or stores the extra as fat. When you eat most of your calories late in the day, even if you burned some earlier, your body has no choice but to take those calories and turn them into fat.  In fact, this is how sumo wrestlers put on weight.

    2. What you eat and how much you eat are important. Your body and brain need fuel in for form of protein, water, and good fats early in the day when your are using them.  Getting in the habit of eating a protein breakfast and lunch along with small amounts of good fat and lots of veggies will deliver the nutrition your need. 

    3. The pace/speed and incline/resistance of your treadmill will determine how many calories you burn.  Walking on a treadmill isn't a bad thing, but it honestly won't make up for the calories you consume after 5 PM.  Eat early and then stop eating. Learn to deal with your emotional eating so you can resist. 

    4. Stop buying junk food, snack food, and treats.  It is hard to overeat if all you have is grilled chicken and lettuce in the house.  You might find you'd do well on a keto diet.  It is hard to get started, but many people, particularly men, find that their cravings for high-carb foods decreases when they get into ketosis.  

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    No. Your legs may get a bit stronger and you'll increase blood flow and stamina, but that's about it. Losing weight is more about what you put in, and DON'T put in your mouth. I lost 30 pounds by simply switching up my eating habits, little to no exercise. I walk for an hour every day day (because dog) and still watch what I eat, but have maintained my weight loss.

    If you really want to lose weight, you have to change your eating habits. No amount of exercise will make you lose weight without changing that up first. 

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    yes but very slowly. If you walk 5 miles a day that burns 3500 calories a week which equals 1 lb of weight lost. a 30 min walk is only about 1-1.5 miles. 

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