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Is Goku really stronger than Superman?

At first, that's what it seems like. But as the story of Dragonball Super goes on, it just makes me doubt that Goku is as strong as Dragonball Lover thinks he is. The guy can never surpass Beerus and more and more enemy that are weaker than Beerus keeps showing up to beat his butt. At the start of Dragonball Super, Goku was almost as strong as Beerus in Super Saiyan God but as the story progresses, Goku keeps getting nerfed to stay weaker than Beerus. Ultra Instinct is several times stronger than Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan Blue is stronger than Super Saiyan God yet with Ultra Instinct, Goku still hasn't surpass Beerus yet. Making Goku weaker as the story progresses. If Goku gets a new form, it's going to push Ultra Instinct's power level down just to keep Beerus stronger than Goku. If Goku keeps getting weaker, how is he supposed to be stronger than Superman?

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