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Can a doctor/nurse give an opinion on NGU?

I got urethritis after sleeping with my girlfriend for the first time. It took 3 weeks before I showed symptoms (inflammation/discharge). I got tested for the STI’s gonorrhea and chlymidia, both came back negative but I did have an infection due to high white blood cell count. The doctor therefore prescribed me Macrobid which made the infection go away it seemed within a span of a week or two. 

My girlfriend got tested and showed no signs of an infection and was negative for gonorrhea and chlymidia. She was always careful and got tested every time she slept with a new partner (I have seen copies of her results)

This has given me major physiological distress due to the stigma behind STI’s and has affected my relationship due to a lack of answers. I’m grossed out and confused as to why this happened. When I did more research I suspect is was either ureaplasm (not an Sti) or mycoplasma genitalium (an STI). If it was genitalium I would be very upset. 

Can a doctor/nurse give me answers? Are infections common between new partners due to being exposed to unfamiliar bacteria?

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    no you have hypochondriac trollitis

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