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So what would happen in the USA if we get a supreme court that consistently overturns traditional consensus or middle or the road law?

and veers to the extreme in one direction where ruling after ruling they pretty appear to want to pretty much minority rule the USA and doing it from the Supreme court?

I am taking about decisions so extreme that time and time again you see that the American people when polled totally disagree with the decision of the supreme court?

Clearly something will be awry there, but how do we fix that in the United States if we come to that situation where we see that 65% to 85% of the American people think the Supreme court is not representing their views?

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    The Supreme Court was never set up to "represent your views."  The Supreme Court was never set up to make laws from the bench.  The Supreme Court is only to interpret the Constitution when a Constitutional disagreement comes before them.  The Judges that represent your views are the problem with the USA.  We have a Constitution that gives Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness, yet Life is discarded by the abortion of 60 million American babies.  The Supreme Court must stand in front of God with this decision of Row v Wade, because to me this was the Supreme Court legislating from the bench and making law from the bench and not interpreting the Constitution which says all have life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  The Courts had previously ruled that a baby in the mother's wound is a life and so does the Holy Bible.  

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    But the SCOTUS was never meant to represent their views. You are confusing the legislative and the judicial brancnes. YOU ARE A MORON. A bad law that is constitutional is not to be overridden by SCOTUS unless it is unconstitutional. Scalia and Thomas say this repeatedly. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT> 

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    SC justices can be impeached. They can come and go in relatively short succession. The number of justices can be changed. The evolution of society can prompt reconsideration etc. Let me know when what you suggest happens.

  • 1 month ago

    We can amend the Constitution.

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  • Troy
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    1 month ago

    It could happen. The court was run by hard-core extremist liberal activist, so the laws are skewed now and just a neutral and fair court might spend years changing precedent that is out of line with constitutional founding principles.

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    It is not the responsibility nor duty of the Supreme Court to represent popular views.

    Values are supposed to move "upriver" from the home to the community to the county to the state.  Voices are supposed to move upriver via your Congressional representative.

    If there comes a time when the Supreme Court is perceived as "failing the people," I'm guessing the cause will be rooted in too many people failing in their own civic responsibilities during the previous decades...

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