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Muay Thai vs Krav Maga?

So both are badass fighting styles for REAL fights/self defense.  

But which one is in general better?  I know it would depend on the krav maga student and the muay thai student.  I know they are both good in sorda different ways.  I know instructors do matter.

But who MORE than half the time would win a fight?

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    Krav Maga i would choose.

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    1 month ago

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    It is too hard to say which one would win a fight more than half the time.  I don't wanna say.

    However I'll tell you some realities of both that might help you come up with a conclusion.

    Muay Thai physical contact is more brutal than Krav Maga physical contact.  Muay Thai is also simpler.

    Krav Maga teaches things that Muay Thai doesn't (like escapes against chokes, weapon defenses, groin kicks, and how to defend against more than one person).  

    So if you have to fight atleast 2 people by yourself (2 vs 1 fight), krav maga would be better as it teaches how to fight and defend from all angles/directions/sides (multiple fighters means multiple angles/directions/sides).  Muay thai doesn't.

    If someone chokes you, krav maga would be better as muay thai doesn't teach how to escape.  Muay Thai does not.

    If they are armed, krav maga would be better as they train you to disarm/defend against a weapon.  Muay thai does NOT.  Keep in mind though that some of the weapon defenses/disarms in krav maga are BULL$HIT and would often get you killed in real life (especially the knife defenses/disarms as most of them would get you cut or stabbed).  

    If the person is unarmed and just one person (which is how it is the majority of the time) I'd say Muay Thai would be better as it is simpler to learn and the physical contact is more intense.

    My suggestion.  Try both and decide.

    Both are good though.  I don't think you could go wrong with either one if you want to win a REAL fight

    Source(s): Tried both
  • Murzy
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    1 month ago

    Whichever one is a better player. I am a Jido Kwan Sensei.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    None of those styles can hold up against an AK-47

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