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when can we resume our normal lives again and not have to worry excessively over this flu virus ?

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      The corona virus is not a flu virus. In fact it's more deadly than a flu virus. It's a SARS virus, and SARS viruses while they MAY have SOME similarities, are NOT the same. Otherwise if that were the case, then we'd be much farther along with a vaccine or treatment for it currently. However we're still months away according to the CDC from an effective treatment plan, and further out, from having a working and safe vaccine. Globally on average we lose fifty thousand to one hundred thousand people to the flu each year. Just in the last almost a year now, we've lost just over eleven times that many people.

      As much as I'd like things to go back to the way they were, yet at this time it's simply not realistic. Until there's something for treating and/or preventing it, we're not going to go back to the old ways. In fact we may in the U.S,. as well as is what's happening elsewhere in the world, be ready to gear up for another round of restrictions being put on activities.   It's irresponsible people who wants to rush around and put everything back to what it was before the outbreak. Some countries are suspect, for suppressing the level or degree of seriousness, and the impact it's having (i.e. China and North Korea). They look and go ok that person died from say pneumonia, or that one died from a heart attack and yet they ignore or will downplay the fact, that covid-19 was a shared comorbidity factor in the cause of death. 

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    When the pandemic is over.

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    hopefully soon, i hate all these shutdowns

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