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Is it worth waiting to build a new PC until Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals? ***PLEASE READ DETAILS***?

I have the money now, I'm just curious if you guys think there would be savings/deals and if so, how much I might save. I know there'll be deals and sales for sure for pre-builts but not so sure there'll be deals in regards to actual individual PC components. My current build sits at a price around $940 (not including the graphics card, an RTX 3080 which should be about $700 itself). Including the monitor I plan to get, putting all of it together, it's something like $1,800. How much do you think I could slice off that?

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    The 3080 will be hard to find at $700 so you need to get it whenever you see it in stock.   Otherwise on the rest of the PC you might be able to shave off $100-200 if you are flexible with some of your part choices on black Friday.  Probably the best deals will be on monitors, but it's often on generic brands.  

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    Computers aren't usually discounted on Black Friday.

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    The RTX 3080 and 3090 are nearly impossible to buy because there's a severe shortage that Nvidia is downplaying. The only 4 ways to possibly get one is find a prebuild site that will allow you to configure it to a build, find the card you like then mash F5 until you see it in stock, pay a scalper $1300-1500, or wait. 

    AMD is releasing their 5000-series processors on November 5th and their RX 6000 series cards shortly after that. 

    Black Friday consistently has good deals on monitors, Solid State Drives, and CPU coolers. On some years you'll find good deals on motherboards, processors and RAM but not always. You'll probably see deals on Intel lga1151 300-series motherboards and AMD AM4 400-series motherboards. The stuff that goes on sale is usually the hardware that they can't get rid of.

    Before Black Friday of 2016 I had a motherboard fail in one of my systems. I was going to just by a replacement motherboard but the deals on processors, motherboards, and RAM were so good that I just decided to upgrade to a new platform instead. Last year there were deals on processors like the Ryzen 5 2600 and Ryzen 7 2700x but not really anything on AM4 500-series boards and Ryzen 3000 series processors. 

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