Any experience with Japanese hair straightening ?worth it (or any other alternative? if I want permanent straight hair..?

how much did you pay?

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  • 1 month ago
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    I've never had it done but a girl at the office had it done and said it was a mistake. This was 10 years ago  when everyone had to have pin straight hair in high school. It took her 7 hours to get hers done and by the end the chemicals gave her the worst headache she's even experienced. She's talked open and honest about it: she loved it and hated it. To her it made her realize that her insecurities are what held her back, not curly hair.  This is what I know about it: 

    Japanese hair straightening works by destroying the hydrogen bonds in your hair, reshaping the strand and then re-hardening the bonds. Your hair is saturated in chemicals that make it melt. As it's in a soft melted state they use a 450 degree metal iron to pull the hair straight and set it into its new shape. When all your hair is done the soak it in neutralizer to stop the melting, re harden the bonds and set the shape.

    It's expensive and varies based on length of hair, thickness of hairs and the amount of curl. It will be hundreds of dollars. Many salons no longer offer japanese Straightening because the chemicals are dangerous to salon workers and the method can destroy the hair.

    On the plus side it doesn't wash out and lasts longer than a blow out or a Brazilian hair straightening. 

    Mandy eventually got her curls back and she's happier with curly hair. Straight hair didn't make her prettier, more popular with the cool kids, she didn't sparkle and ooze confidence and her hair didn't change her life the way she thought it would. She was still the same slightly insecure person inside, only with straight damaged hair. 

    Here's an honest article from InSyle magazine about one girl's experience : Do think of the negatives before getting this very harsh and damaging chemical treatment. 

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    take two paper plates, smoosh them together around the hair and say ling ting tong (magic words)

    if it comes out braided like an egg roll, you've succeeded

    if not try again and say ling ting tong wong I'm gonna make a song 

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