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Why do we wear clothing?

All of us wear clothing.

Why do we wear clothes? All animals do not do so. Even chimpanzees or gorillas do not do so. According to some UFO forums, even extra-terrestrials they claim to know of also do not wear any clothing.

So why do puny men wear clothes? And when did men start to wear clothes?

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    It is an interesting question - in the same way we have to cook our food, no other species does that either, or has to wear shoes - horses do not need them naturally, it is only as a result of domestication. It is obviously a result of adaptations over 4 million years or so. Wearing clothes probably coincides with the migrations to find colder climates, about 170,000 years ago - at a time when the world was hotter and humans had shed the body hair they had not needed to survive.  

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    Clothed humans are more attractive and appealing than naked ones.  Simple as that.

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    1 month ago

    Animals don't need clothing because they have fur.............humans don't.

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    They all have fur.

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    Look in the mirror when you write of "puny", loser.  I wear clothing because I'm not a big fan of getting severe sunburn or skin cancer in the warmer months or in dying of hypothermia in the colder months.  Where I live, it's been as cold as -56C with wind chill (-68.8F) in winter.  

    You'll note, unless you're blind, that chimpanzees & gorillas have thick fur.  We don't.  They also live in tropical or semi-tropical climes.  NO ONE cares about the demented "UFO (sic) forums", as there's ZERO evidence of the existence of any extra terrestrials.      

    It's beyond obvious that you'll never be a MENSA member.  

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    To keep warm, to  have pockets to carry things in, to show off. 

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    It is -18C where I am at the moment.  A little chilly to be running around nude.  Humans have moved far out of Africa where we originated, and clothing is not really needed in many cases.

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    I would say clothing was first worn to protect people from the cold as humans moved out of Africa into a cooler climate in Europe.  To live in the cooler climate likely skins were first used as clothing spared the people from having to move south again during the winter.

      Over thousands of years likely being naked was seen as a sign of poverty and also in the last thousand years or so religion has also caused the naked body to be seen a sinful because it caused lust.  It was considered sinful to have lustful thoughts as they were seen as Satan trying to draw a person into Hell.

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    To stay warm or to protect from heat.

    That adaptability is how we have become the most widespread mammalian species.

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    How do you expect us to keep warm. Birds have feathers that can absorb uv and sunlight to keep them warm. Mammals except humans have furs that keeps them warm. Reptiles are cold blooded so they can use sunlight to warm up.

    Humans traded away their survival adaptations for a bigger brain which lets them compensate by inventing things. We can’t kill with our bare hands so we use weapons. We can’t run fast so we use the wheel. We can’t be warm naturally so we invented clothes. We can’t eat most raw foods so we discovered fire. 

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