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What is the future of CDs? How then will the high end sound be played?

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    I see CDs holding on for some time yet, 

    then eventually disappearing from the market.   


    Of course, if people buy enough of them, 

    the record companies will continue offering them.      

  • Tony B
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    1 month ago

    I agree with spacemissing. Despite what some people try to claim, CDs are still available and still bought and played by lots of people at home and in their cars. Because of this I think they will continue to be available for quite a while yet.

    I think though that the majority of younger people aren't really interested in sound quality or even in actually listening to music - they just want to hear it whilst they do something else, and are happy listening to a download on their phones over wireless earbuds.

    Because of this I think that as time passes the market will continue to shrink as older people (like me) die off! Eventually, CDs will cease to be available because not enough people buy them.

    Almost the only time I download anything is when I cannot get it from anywhere else. It then goes straight onto a CD so that I can play it on my stereo stereo. That means I can't comment on what might replace CDs in terms of sound quality. I'm sure there will be something there for the minority of people who are likely to want it.

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