What do you think of this idea for a short story? Constructive feedback only please ?

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Drew Murty and he lived in a tent in the woods called the wood of pigs and he had to poop in a shed because of the snakes that lived in the toilets and one day he decided he was sick of having to poop in a shed because of the snakes in the toilet so he went on google to find out how to get rid of snakes except he couldn't get on Google because there is no internet in the wood of pigs so instead he got on his bicycle and rode all the way to nodnol which is another name for london and arranged a meeting with robin hood and peter schmeichel and he asked for their advice and they suggested that Drew Murty should hire the pied piper of hamlin to get rid of the snakes but when the pied piper of hamlin arrived at the wood of pigs he said sorry drew murty I don't specialise in snakes so then Drew Murty cried and the pied piper of hamlin went lol what a loser so Drew Murty punched him in the face and put his pipe up his bum and thr  Drew Murty arranged a meeting with Andy Cole who said he doesn't really know much about toilet snakes but he thought they could be killed with a nuke so Drew Murty got back on his bicycle and went to north korea and bought a nuke for tree fiddy and came back to the wood of pigs and nuked the toilet snakes and they all lived happily ever after apart from Drew Murty who was killed in a nuclear explosion. The end.

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  • Andrew
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    I think it's the best you could do. 

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