Is there a gauge you can hook up to a automotive water pump? Anything that can monitor it or tell you when it has failed? ?

Something like a flow meter. That has a sending and receiving unit that you can monitor from the car. I know most cars have coolant temp gauges.

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  • Barry
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    1 month ago
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    Water pump failure is normally evidenced by a leak and/or bearing noise. The impeller may corrode slightly but it will still pass water effectively. It could fracture and cease to rotate but you would know about that straightaway. It could seize which would likely throw the belt or at least cause the belt to squeal. So a flow meter would not be of any use on a water pump.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No and not necessary.  the Water pump is basically like a waterwheel. They last the life of the engine. or 20 years.(maybe longer...but I have a good idea you cannot fathom a car lasting 50+ years.   Sure within that period of time the water pump has failed only because it is LEAKING past it's rubber seals. So your coolant level goes down.  You pop the hood at least once a week to make sure everything in there is in good shape and fluid levels are up to where they are suppose to be. and you are good to go for that day at least.

    If your engine overheats, A RED IDIOT LIGHT POPS is NOT BECAUSE THE PUMP is more likely that there is no coolant in the radiator.   It is not an AIR COOLED ENGINE  it is coolant cooled.  You have not been doing your weekly or daily checks.  Which is MORE THAN IS THERE AIR IN THE TIRES AND GAS IN THE TANK.

  • 1 month ago

    If your vehicle doesn't have a temperature gauge it will have a red warning light that will come on if the motor over heats.  I like temperature gauges and would recommend having a mechanic install a temperature gauge and sending unit for you.

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