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Covid 19. What is the point of track and trace if there is no cure or treatment? is it just for surveillance?

Anybody found to be positive is just told to self isolate for 14 days, no going out, no walking the dog, their partner has to do the same whether or not they have it.  they probably don't feel like going out anyway. So what is the point.

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    If they had close contact with other people that were not taking precautions, this person could have infected other people with covid 19. If they find out where it came from, the place has to be deep cleaned (so future break outs hopefully don't happen) or even be shut down for a few weeks. 

    In my area 48 cases of covid came from a gym, those people spread it to 28 more people. Secondary and even tertiary cases can come from one person, if they're not taking precautions. Since then gyms have been shut down again, along with indoor dining at restaurants. You self isolate (if you contract the virus) to reduce the spreading of it. Some people can get covid 19 and not have any symptoms. So not every one that has it wouldn't feel like going out.

    They can walk their dog (if they're up to it or get some one else to do it), but they should practice physical distancing, and or wear a mask while doing so, and make their walks shorter then usual. They shouldn't go out or have close contact with other people, while they're infected or they can spread the virus to other people. 

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    There obviously is a cure because most people don't die.

    There is multiple different treatment options. 

    Most people have general illness similar to a cold.

    They can walk the dog as long as they stay away from other people.  Which is very possible in my neighborhood but probably isn't possible in NYC. 

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    Depends on the country you're in. In a country like the US, where community transmission is wide spread, there's very little point to contact tracing. In a country like New Zealand, where community cases are well controlled, contact tracing makes it much easier to identify infection vectors early. So if everyone is doing contact tracing via app or signing in, and someone with the virus escapes from quarantine or enters the country undetected, every location they've been to can be identified, and everyone who was at that location around the same time can be traced, which makes it much easier to contact those people and urge isolation

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    To keep people that might be infected from coming into contact with others until they know they are not infected or able to spread the contagion. 

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