Dream interpretation?

I had this dream that started in my parents' home where I grew up. I was using a computer and the main character in the game became angry when I was upset at it and tried to push a dagger into the screen into him. Next thing, the character was a giant and trying to come through the screen at me.

I was home alone and it was night time. I became fearful as the character was this giant. It tried to chase me and I realised it would have superhuman strength. So I found a bicycle which happens to be the same as the one in my home that belongs to my father in law.

I started riding flat out in fear down the road. It was daytime outside. It was my hometown. But as I approached the main road, it switched to night time. There were a crowd of people spread out along the fence barrier to the road and they were all talking and smoking. I thought I had escaped.

Next thing, I see this giant running towards me again and the fear returned. I panicked and wanted to call police but didn't think I had enough time. I was terrified he would stab me or kill me somehow. I then woke up in fear! After I woke up, I imagined for a moment running into the supermarket to hide and tell the staff to call police to help stop this giant.

What does it mean?

2 Answers

  • 3 weeks ago

    The dream might mean to be careful what you imagined or fantasize about because it will have consequences in your character and behaviour and mindset in the real world and outright rage will hurt you before it hurts anybody else - the other thing is if you are angry people will be depressed around you and only show you their base side - it will always provoke anger and you will not be able to control its consequences - when you wake up - you think having an elitist coterie of friends and social defences will preserve your life but do not realize that evil people can attack anybody regardless of their social standing 

  • 1 month ago

    Identify the bad guy in your real Life and confront him instead of running away from him/her. Do not allow fear to control your mind or actions. 

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