What are the signs of a fake friend?

I believe the signs are when

Ignore you.

They do stuff behind your back like add your ex boyfriend on Facebook without telling you. They have a party and don't tell you. They talk to your enemies and don't tell you.

They laugh at you. 

They always leave you out.


She doesn't need permission lol. I am just saying. Why she didn't tell me she added my ex? 

Update 2:

They are ignoring me, but I always reply to them back when they need me. I don't understand it 

Update 3:

She know my ex treated me so wrong. She just creepy. She was probably plotting for us to break up lol.

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    1 month ago

    I don't see how this would be a "fake friend".... it's someone who definitely isn't interested in spending time with you though.  We aren't that interested in hanging out with everyone we know.  Sometimes people don't click forever. 

    And why does she have to ask permission to add your ex boyfriend on Facebook?  LOL that's hilarious. Really, he's your ex, get over it. 

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