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Does anyone actually LIKE The Great Gatsby?

I've always loved the characters and themes of the book, but anytime I talk to others about it, they rant to me about how overrated and mediocre it is, and how people are blind for not seeing how awful it really is... really, is the book being good even the majority opinion anymore? Everyone's so eager to hate on it....

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    I didn't hate it, I didn't love it either. I might have loved it if I had read it when it was first published where I would have more of a relation to the time and the culture it was written in.

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    It certainly wasn't for me at all. I don't find I like a lot of American authors especially ones from the past.

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    Do you think it just happened to be coincidence, or something else, that Nick Carraway, Daisy's cousin, rented the small house next to Jay Gatsby's mansion?

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