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How healthy is wheatgrass?

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      While wheatgrass CAN BE healthy, to much can also be very risky. Nor is it as one response a complete source of nutrition. For example it exceeds the upper limit for manganese by more than eleven times, zinc by more ten times, Riboflavin by more than two and a half times. I realize that there's the argument no one can overdose of food based nutrients, however wheatgrass is sold usually in either a powdered form or in capsules or tablets. Yet that's not the case with food supplement. The numbers I gave is for just four grams, or basically a single day's serving. An amount of half that would be much safer, but realistically a quarter of that or even an eighth would be the safest to take in daily. Even then over time the zinc and manganese would build up to very possibly toxic levels.

      Now as for regarding the claim that it can itself be complete nutrition, the amount required to make it as such, would make it also highly toxic. Now you can add in vitamin E as well as niacin, as well as vitamin B6. In fact there is NOT one food item that is a complete source of nutrition, contrary the claims of the self declared supreme grandmasters, whom are not wrong and NO ONE living has ever proven them wrong. Yet when pressed hard enough, it's often been shown to lack the credentials to back their claims, or aren't able to provide valid scientific sources to give full validation, to the claims that they're making. Often any papers" that they do produce are heavily laced with opinion, and worded in ways to make the "paper seem authentic". 

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    Very healthy.

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    Its packed with lots of nutrients the body needs and can itself be a complete nutrition

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    Not worth the disgust of it.

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