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What would happen if I stole a cops Big Green Egg?

There is this cop that lives in my neighborhood a couple doors down, I don't know him, I just know OF him.

He has a Big Green Egg in his back yard, which for those who don't know, is one of the most highly rated, and most expensive, charcoal grills on the market, and he has the extra large one.

A combined, grill, smoker, oven etc.

The one his size you could cook an entire thanksgiving dinner on it all at once. You could grill a dozen steaks while doing multiple sides. You could grill about 30 burgers or 40 dogs at once.

Well say that one day when hes at work, I simply went over there and wheeled it over to my garage.

I cant use it right away, because if he comes home and finds it stolen, just to notice me grilling with a Big Green Egg the very next day, it would look highly suspicious.

Instead, I keep it in the garage and use it starting a few months from now.

Then the cop has so little on me he's unlikely even to pursue it.

Lots of people have Big Green Eggs afterall, hows he going to prove that my Big Green Egg and his Big Green Egg are one in the same?

Receipt? Sorry officer, I don't much have one, a buddy who needed money sold it to me for cash and a handshake.

And I have a buddy who could back that up.

Lol could this work?

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  • Ann
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    1 month ago

    High-end grills, such as Green Eggs and Traegers, along with other high-end appliances, have model numbers and other identifying numbers on them so that when they're purchased, they can be registered. You can bet that a police officer, having paid as much as he did for that cooker, immediately registered it.  You are dumb to even consider such a stupid move, and you can bet that the officer wouldn't fail to pursue the matter.  Green Eggs are incredibly heavy and unwieldy, and he would know it wouldn't have gone far without more than one person being involved.  Better to just silently salivate, save up your money and buy your own than risk being prosecuted for your greed.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I hate to tell you but the "big green egg" actually has a SN etched on the inside of the grill.  The police officer likely registered his grill making it easy to prove the grill is his.  What do you have against this cop?

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