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Why do countries such as the United States always criticize China's human rights issues?

I have been to many places and stayed in Xinjiang, China for a while. The food there is very delicious. I have a friend who is also from Xinjiang. Although this country does not have as many high-rise buildings as the United States. But I think this country is very safe. I think this country does not have a human rights issue, but the United States always has violent demonstrations and shootings. When some people were whipped in Singapore and Indonesia, the United States and other countries didn't care, and they began to criticize when it came to issues related to China.

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    Because China DOES have major human rights issues.  That's not to say that other countries don't.

    And what the hell do food, having a friend who lives there or the number of high-rise buildings have to do with it?

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    China has been a chronic human-rights violation since Mao, and it's only gotten worse with the government developing its spy/monitoring infrastructure (with the help of a number of American tech companies).   

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