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What exactly is cultural marxist theory and where did it come from?

Is it the same as marxism?

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    "What exactly is cultural marxist theory and where did it come from?"

    Cultural Marxism is really critical theory that comes from the "Frankfurt School"

    The quickest way to understand it is by watching this video;

    "Cultural marxism explained in 7 minutes"

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    simply, cultural Marxism holds that oppression (which means resistance to Marxist rule) comes from within the culture and the language.  This is why cultural Marxists (sjw's, radical Leftists, feminists etc.) are all such radical social change agents. Marxist rule is suppose to evolve from generations of cultural change, into acceptance of Marxist/Communist principles bit by bit because nobody in the West has ever been willing to accept Communist rule outright, based on its past history, and everything they know about it.When it comes to the state and the corporate elite today though, cultural Marxism absolves the state and the corporate Establishment of blame for any form of oppression.  And that’s why the elite and the state looks to use feminism and alt-Leftism in order to crush freedom, free speech, free thought, all in the name of protecting women’s rights, gay rights, lgbt rights, minority rights, immigrant rights and on and on ....The whole time it is practicing divide and conquer through "critical theory".  Uplifting all the minority groups over the majority groups in order to weaken all of them into a non-cohesive society that is ripe for change, Marxist style..

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    Karl Marx.       

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    Anything that the conservatives can label as negative they attribute the left wing and this is one of those examples

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    It is a theory invented by the Nazis (also called cultural Bolshevism), in which it said that at the time it served to corrupt German society.

    Hitler called Marxism a plague and says he needed to eliminate it from the German people.

    Today, they attribute homosexuality and sexual liberation to this, for exemple.

    At the time, he attributed these practices to Jews.

    He said that Jewish women were like prostitutes and Jewish men had a strong tendency to exaggerated sexual practices.

    For fear of communism, the extreme right today has only revived these conspiracy theories.

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    The Frankfurt School, critical theory and cultural marxism don’t and never did exist.   They are conspiracy theory made up by conservatives.    

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    Marx said there was a mostly business owning class that oppressed the working class (proletariat).   Later the Frankfurt school expanded on this claiming many segments of the population oppressed others.  Whites oppress backs, men oppress women, etc.  This idea of oppressive and oppressed demographics is often referred to as cultural marxism. It is inspired by marxism but is not marxism.  

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    Cultural marxist theory was developed by the neo-marxist Frankfurt school.  It is inspired by marxist ideas of oppressors and oppressed peoples, but it is a post Marxism theory.   It is a subset of critical theory.     

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    It came from Jews like Karl Marx.

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    There is no "exactly."  Cultural Marxism can be anything that the right doesn't like.  

    Gay marriage, kneeling football players, overzealous political correctness, vegetarianism,  environmentalism -  all cultural Marxism. 

    Marxism is an economic structure which features state owned business and distributed ( in theory) benefits 


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    Just read the Communist Manifesto, not too big of a book.  Then we talk.

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