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In 1939 Britain had the largest Navy in the world and the Pound was the world's primary reserve currency. Was fighting World War II worth it?

By 1945, its Navy had been eclipsed by the United States', the Dollar had replaced the Pound as the world's primary reserve currency, its cities and industries lay in ruins, and it lay bankrupt and playing second fiddle to the United States and the Soviet Union. Was fighting a Jewish war against Germany really worth it? Britain made much the same mistake entering World War I, whereas in both wars, the United States entered late, suffered few casualties and no damage to its homeland, and made a fortune.


And please stop repeating that tired old nonsense of "we'd all be speaking German". Hitler wanted the UK to remain an independent ally of Germany and wanted the Dutch, Danes, Norwegians etc to keep their languages and culture. Next you'll be saying that he wanted to kill anyone who didn't have blond hair or some other brainless drivel.

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    Have you ever seen footage of the Nuremberg rallies. The man is possessed . He was going to stop at nothing to rule Europe. The Germans look like doing this now through the EU, which is why they are so annoyed at Brexit.

    Try telling anyone from London, Coventry, Liverpool , Glasgow or many other cities that German bombing was tactical. Anything we did back was richly deserved.

    Yes we were bankrupted because the USA bled us dry in return for their  help after they had made a fortune supplying the Nazis too.

    Of course the occupied countries kept their languages, it was only for 5 years.

    English (Anglo saxon) and French took hundreds of years to merge following the Norman conquest  to produce  modern English. It’s unlikely we would be speaking German after 75 years.

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    According to the Gospels, Britain should surrender to Navy and let God handle Hitler. You need to loss to exchange for gain. Britain has lost the Bible and his status. 

  • Ludwig
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    1 month ago

    I was Merchant not Royal.  And my money is in Swiss bullion ETF's.   So sod your 'largest navy and your reserve currency', I'm all right Jack.   We went to war to maintain our primary foreign policy aim, which has for centuries been to keep a balance of power in central Europe.  Same reason we are sabotaging the EU.

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    It was. To stop a madman from controlling your fate and your freedom. To put an end to the Holocaust. To bring everything back to being as normal as before.

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    "And please stop repeating that tired old nonsense of "we'd all be speaking German"

    World being able to speak two languages be such a bad deal? Most of Europe speak English today.

    You are speaking German, Anglo-Saxon English is just another dialect of High German.

    Was it worth it ? NO.

    "its cities and industries lay in ruins"

    That was in Germany only. Hitler stopped bombing the UK after early 1941.

    Unlike Dresden,Hamburg and other German cites. No, UK city or industrial complex was raised to the ground by German bombing.

    Germany bombing of UK targets was tactical, whereas the American and British bombing of Germany targets, were terror inspired.Thus the tactic of fire-storming German cities and industries.     

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    Total BS.  Germany was overrunning France and other UK allies, and the US lost 291,557 in combat during WWII.  And the Soviet Union never became more than a second-rate nation...which finally failed by the way.

  • Barry
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    1 month ago

    It wasn't a Jewish war. It was a war against a megalomaniac that wanted to conquer the world. If we had collaborated we would have sunk to his level and be speaking German by now.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Seeing the direction we have gone in since, NO, America should have minded it's own business.   Yes we still should have retaliated against Japan, but Europe was none of our business 

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    But don't you see, if Britain had not fought, we would all be speaking German or Japanese and the dollar would have gone to zero along with the Pound and we would be using deutschmarks.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    nazis, fascism and treasonous gammon spiv quislings destroyed Great Britain

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