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What breeds of dogs don't bark much.?

I have two neighbors.  One has a Scottish Terrier and I've never heard that dog bark.  Another neighbor has a Poodle and it barks constantly.

Is it just random?  Or are there certain breeds that bark more than others?

And if this can be narrowed down, what breeds of medium sized dogs don't bark much?

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    Different breeds may have inclinations to bark more (terriers are barkers for sure).

    Dogs that are bred to be companions rather than working dogs will tend to bark less.

    Then individual dogs will bark more or less than other dogs of the same type.

    You can also train your dogs, I have two highly trained terrier mixes, they will both bark at various stimuli, especially the smaller one, and they will both stop when I tell them to - unless it's a REALLY strong stimuli, like a possum or racoon on the fence or maybe a stranger at the door.

    When we moved from the country to the city I got a citronella spraying collar for my smaller dog so she wouldn't disturb the neighbors...she'll stop if I tell her to, most of the time...but if I have my hearing aids out I can't hear her and the second time a neighbor complained I go the collar, problem solved.

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     Basenji. basenji. The Basenji is probably one of the oldest breeds of domesticated dog,

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    So many problems people have with their dogs is just a matter of proper training.  There is only one breed of dog that doesn't bark, that is the basenji.


    The dog that doesn't bark has been trained to stop any excessive barking.  That Poodle has some good owners that have trained their dog.

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    My favourite breeds are Greyhounds, Whippets, lurchers and Saluki's and none of them have been barkers. They will bark if someone knocks on the door and they would definitely depend their home from intruders (as they have in the past) but none of them have been dominate in nature, where intelligent and so easy to train, none were strong willed and once the house rules were learned they abide by them happily. 

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    Barking or not barking is down to training, socialisation, lack of exercise........ bored dogs bark because their owners don't stop them or train them not to and some ( like next door to me) encourage and make excuses about their barking dog... that is a bored, under exercised Scottish Terrier and whose owner feeds the birds daily and also feeds a stray cat  and  the dog stands and barks at them.... if they stopped encouraging the birds/cat and/or took their dog walking it would bark in the garden and/or corrected their dog consistantly instead of excusing its barking it wouldn't do it

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    The quietest dog at your local shelter. Adopt, don't shop.

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    Barking is a learned behavior that often times develops when a dog is not supervised when alone. Crate training your dog is a good way to ensure these behaviors don’t develop. You want to make sure your dog isn’t getting the opportunity to bark/do whatever they want when alone. 

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    a cat,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    The ones that you TRAIN not to bark..

    And also provide with enough exercise and mental stimulation so they dont resort to nuisance barking to amuse themselves.

    Basenjis dont bark, but they arent mute.   They cry like a baby and yodel.    They can be very vocal.   

  • Barry
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    Basenjis are well known for not barking.

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