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Suppose you have six 50 ml bottles of something you don't drink often, would you leave them as is, or transfer them into a bigger bottle ?

Correct me if I'm wrong but a pro of keeping in small bottles .. Once you drink one or more, simply toss in trash. Pro to putting in a bigger one .. With a label (either peeled off from a 50 or print out of an online picture) looks better with your bigger bottles or at least near them (I have my 200 ml all the way to 1.75 liter ones in one part of the apartment, and still have room for a few 200 ml's but there isn't enough room for all the 50's, so the smaller ones are kept elsewhere.

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    1 month ago

    ... I assume you're talking about those little 50ml bottles of hard liquor.

    I haven't seen them anywhere but offered on airplanes to nervous flyers.

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