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White spots on new tattoo?

I got my first tattoo now 8 days ago and I’m noticing some white spots in areas where I had bled a little during the work because I was cut a little bit deeper. The rest of the tattoo looks fine and I’m still peeling a little. The white spots don’t look fully healed because I can still see where the scabbing is coming off. I can see the tattoo ink under the actual white spots, and the white spots are on the tattoo lines where I was cut, but also around the tattoo lines where there is no ink. If you can imagine a small cut and then the cut and a little around the cut is white. Is this normal?

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    All of this sounds normal.  It sounds like you are washing and moisturizing your tattoo the way you should, which is good.  

    Have you ever had a scab on another part of your body, and gotten in the shower, and at the end of your shower looked at your scab and its white?  That is what is happening on your tattoo.  You have small scabs in places where the skin was hurt a bit more than the rest (normal), and those scabs are wet with water and lotion/ointment, so they look white (normal).  All of that is normal, and it sounds like its healing well.  

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