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Do you think the term "Cusp" might be exist for Venus signs?

Some people say there is no such thing as Cusp for Sun signs. How about Venus signs? Venus represents the way we love someone. So, if a woman has Venus in 0 degree or 1 degree Scorpio, is there a likelihood that her love style is somewhat like a Libra because her Venus placement is closer to Libra? If her Venus is in 0 to 1 degree Scorpio, then her Venus sign is actually Libra/Scorpio Cusp, doesn't it? So, it means she is not *totally* a Scorpio Venus.

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    The English word "cusp" comes from the Latin word "cuspis," which is the tip of a sword or spear.  In other words that's where most of the energy is directed. The English word "cusp" was first used by astrologers and it was used to denote the dividing line between HOUSES not signs.   If we use quadrant houses, e.g. Placidus, we might find that 25 Taurus rises and the 2nd house is marked by 26 Gemini.  That's the cusp, and the most sensitive point in the sign of Gemini.  Gemini does not have a cusp. 

    A planet is said to be "in" a sign when the first part of the sphere touches 0 degrees of that sign.  There is no dividing line.  When the Sun, or any other planet, hits 0 degrees 00 minutes 01 seconds of a sign, it is "in" that sign. 

    This cusp for signs business began with Sun sign astrologers.  However you make a good point.  If the Sun can exhibit the characteristics of the next sign as it leaves its current sign, then that should also be true of the other planets. However, it's not true of the Sun, therefore it is not true of the other planets.

    Listen to people who think they are "cusps." They think it makes them special.  "I"m no ordinary Cancer, I'm a Cancer Leo Cusp."  Some want this non-designation so badly that they extend the distance to 27 degrees of a sign to make them a cusp.  However if they are born with the Sun at one degree of a sign they NEVER say they are a cusp with the previous sign.  So if someone is born with the Sun at one or two degrees of Leo, they NEVER say they are a Cancer Leo cusp. You're the first I've ever seen do this. They only say it if their Sun is at the end of a sign. Influence only moves in one direction?

    I've read a large number of old astrology books. I've never once, in any authoritative text, seen a reference to a planet on a sign cusp. Not one.  I have seen one astrologer claim that a planet near a house cusp (not the sign) can affect the affairs of the next house due to its orb of influence.  So if Jupiter is at 19 Scorpio in the 4th, and the 5th is at 21 Scorpio, Jupiter could affect the affairs of the fifth HOUSE unless the next cusp is in a different sign than Jupiter.  Get it?  There are no cusps between signs.  Cusps divide houses, and maybe not even that (long story for another time). Signs do not have cusps - period.  People that want to be a "cusp," are wildly insecure. 

  • Janet
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    A "cusp" is the end of one area and the start or another.  No planet csn be on a cusp.  It is either in one sign, or it has moved into the next sign . And the time it takes to cross that line is measured in fractions of a second ... before that, it is in one sign, and after that it is in the enxst sign.

    0 degrees of Scorpio IS in Scorpio.

    In astrology we read the chart AS it IS ... otherwise, why bother with astrology at all?

    She is totally a Venus-in-Scorpio, but there are 40 to 50 other factors in her birthchart, and there may be some that mitigate her alter the way her Venus-in-Scorpio influences her.

    We never look at any particular factor out of the context of the entire birthchart.

    And every sign has potential good behaviors and potentially negative behaviors .. and THAT is determined by how that planet aspects/interacts with any of the other planets in the birthchart.

    If postiively aspected, Venus in Scorpio is capable of deep love that is intensel;y loyal and faithful.

    If negatively aspected, Venus in Libra is capable of being unfaithful, indecisive and not always honest with you.

  • GibBas
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    1 month ago

    If zodiac signs were like constellations where there's no definite start or finish then yes cusps would exist with planets in them but zodiac signs are not the same; they represent constellations in order for them to be used in birth charts. They have a definite start and finish so if a planet is at eg 29 degrees 59 minutes in Libra then it will have positive, or negative Libra tendencies. If it's at 0 degrees 10 minutes Scorpio it'll have Scorpio tendencies. 

    Venus shows desires, appreciations of beauty, art and music, our values etc but these types of things are also to do with other things in the birth chart. The Moon has a big influence, as does Mars and the 5th and 7th house's on romance. If Venus is in harmony with the Moon that can greatly soften any Scorpio tendencies like intensity and drama etc.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Astrology is magic not nature and no statistics exist for magic.

    Inconsistency and contradictions are astrology trademarks. Why bother with something that fail far more than it succeeds? Did your education include science literacy and critical thinking skills? Use it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Cusp is itself a conjunction. Where you would find traits if two signs together. 

    And when a Planetary transit happens, it gets both signs combined together.

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