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Endometriosis diagnosis ?

Hi im aware that this is something to discuss with my doctors but would appreciate if any women who have this or know about this can help me. So I’ve suffered from horrible periods my whole life, i vomit on my first few days, 

can’t eat for 2 days atleast and can only have tiny sips of water on my first day or I will be sick , I can’t take painkillers as it will just come right back up , I have ibs so it flares up during this time , I don’t move from my bed and i dread this time of the month  all the time. Anyway I have been to the doctors many times I had a ultrasound but they said everything was fine , I have most of the symptoms of endometriosis but it seems as though everything was fine so I was wondering does an ultrasound detect it , from what I’ve read it doesn’t fully detect it but you can see something which relates to it I don’t know but should I waste my time and ask to have a mri or is it highly likely I don’t have endometriosis. I really think I do because I literally I have nearly every symptom but if it doesn’t show up then I probably  don’t have it and I’m sick of going to the doctors who act like I am just wasting their time . 

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    The womb hás a lot of power of healing in itself.  It gives a new life chance to develop, It  proceeds a cleasing every month always without the interference of anyone. So all distress coming from It might really be a result of perception rather than of something that could be manipulated to make a difference.

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    Clearly everything is not fine, and if your gynecologist brushes this off, then it's time to see a different gynecologist. It's possible you haven't been forceful enough with this doctor to ensure s/he understands this is not ow-I-have-cramps but disabling, with vomiting and staying in bed, unable to function or keep medications down.

    If you weren't forceful enough, don't feel like it's your fault. It's pretty common for some doctors to dismiss female complaints and for females to be "trained" not to make a big deal out of their own illness. But we have to make it clear to our doctors how bad it really is for them to take it seriously.

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