Why do people stay in low paying careers, when they can further their education online for free and get a better job?

Working as a secretary making $12/hour? Why not just take online classes to become a nurse or a software developer? The internet is a library of FREE knowledge. Yet hardly anyone who has a low paying career utilizes it to it's fullest potential. My brother dropped out of high school and was working at Burger King flipping burgers and then he decided it was time to change, so at night and on his days off, he took courses in graphic design and web development online for free on YouTube and now he is a front end web designer making 120k a year at 32 years old. I don't get it. Why stay in working at Starbucks when you can further your education. Education will NEVER fail you.


The majority of people working in low paying jobs are only in those jobs because they have ZERO marketable skills. Wow you can talk to people and take an order and push buttons on a cash register. So can my 8 year old brother. Why do surgeons make so much money? Because they can do things that 99 percent of people can't do. 99 percent of people in the world can press a cheeseburger button a computer to send to the cook in the back. A monkey can do that.

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  • 1 month ago

    Free information doesn't give you the degree and confirmation that you passed a class. 

    Going to college costs $$$$.  In 1973 I got a 2 year degree for $6,000.  Add another zero to that figure for today's college. 

  • 1 month ago

    Burger King etc is mostly for students who don't get much money but they still live at home so it doesn't matter, it is not somewhere for ordinary people who have bills to pay, or very rare and they usually only stay long term if they are promoted, which is fine. People don't work flipping burgers all their life even if they don't have many qualifications, they do not provide enough hours. Plus you're saying that as if there's endless openings of surgeon jobs if you get qualified - no there isn't. People mostly do have better jobs than Burger King, nobody is really doing what you're saying apart from maybe a small amount of people...

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