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Can an employer see your auto insurance claims?

I have to do a background check for a future employer. They're going to be looking for driving records, my driving history is clean but do they also have access to my driving history through my auto insurance claims?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Depends On the employer, depends On the security clearance. depends On what you sighed consent for.

    If a generic job and you don't give written consent; No.

    If a high  level govt clearance is required, you must sign consent form and they can. Generally, they are only concerned with things that might compromise you; like DUI's, checking into rehab or AA/NA classes, compulsive gambling, very irresponsible credit history, etc.  All could cause you  to be bribed, influenced by a rival corporation or  hostile  country.

    May: NO. Wrong. No potential employer may see Anything save Felony convictions. That is All without your written consent. 

    Edit: Even applying At an insurance agency, they May Not Legally see them w/o your written consent. "Can" " isn't same as  "legally". A cop Can run anyone's  plates, Yes, But, they can get in trouble for breach of privacy if no probable  cause/reasonable suspicion. 

    ref: Had a couple security clearances.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Not unless they are an insurance company or if you gave them written consent.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Generally, no,  What employers are looking for is multiple speeding tickets, distracted driving, DUI's, robbing banks and driving the get away car, driving unsafely.  These are all police matters. The only way claims would come up is if you make multiple claims falsifying the extent of  the injury which is another criminal matter.

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    Maybe.  An employer (or potential employer) can only access that information with your consent, and you didn't say exactly which documents you agreed to let them see.  That detail matters, in fact it's the only detail that matters.

    Unless someone is working as a law enforcement officer or DMV employee (or whatever the DMV is called where you live), they can't look at any of that information without your confirmed consent.  That stuff is highly confidential, and highly confidential only means one thing.  

    When you apply for a new insurance policy, the application clearly states that you give your new insurance company permission to look at your conviction and claims history to verify the information you gave them.  It's printed on the document, usually right next to the "sign here" box.  When applying for a new job, you must give the employer permission to look up your conviction / accident history.  Without your consent, they can't legally look up anything.  

    So... did you give your future employer permission to look up your claims history?  You'll know if you did, because it will say so in writing near your signature.

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  • May
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    1 month ago

    Yes.  An employer can see both kinds of records, your DMV driving record and your insurance record.  A insurance record can be seen through a "C.L.U.E." report

  • Ron
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    1 month ago

    no,,,next stupid question

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