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What are your three most favorite beers in order and what is the worst beer you ever drank?

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    Guinness is still #1 and yes, I've had all the little craft beers that cost $13 for one 8oz can and all that. Dead Guy ale got beat for 1st over the general purpose-ness of Guinness. It can go with almost any food within reason, it has a very balanced, wide taste profile and is always smooth and cool. Winter or summer Guinness in the can with the plastic ball that you're supposed to pour into a frozen glass as quickly as possible but some people still try to drink it out of the can like a hillbilly; that takes #1 as best. Bottles and other methods vary in quality, less the fabled tap in Dublin which I can't personally speak to.

    Second place is between Ninkasi Oatis and Pyramid Outburst. Both full bodied and high gravity in their perspective styles I have to give #2 to Oatis. Very sweet and creamy, very heavy, the distinct oats flavor makes it unique in that not-quite-perfect but amazing #2 category.

    Third place sets Milwaukee's Best against Steel Reserve. When you have $2.50 and need to get drunk without having to walk more than 10 mins, these fleeting gas station beers (as everything is being gentrified everywhere. Buy a $700,000 house on a hipster street 2 blocks away from where you were afraid to go 3 years ago because that's where black people shoot each other) fill a need and aren't as bad as Jimmy in the 9th grade swore they were. Between the 2, Steel Reserve wins out due to the higher alcohol content and the fuller taste. Milwaukee's has an empty body like a person without a soul. It's all high-note sweetness with low-note bubble water. Steel brings the middle body with a clear barley flavor.

    Not to sound like a beer snob but in all reality the "American Premium" beers all fall one way or the other into the piss-water category. Bud, Coors, etc. Yes, I'm aware AbInBev makes them all anyway but...

    Honorable mentions are Michelob, Heineken, and what the hell ever I got on the "fancy wall" at the Beverage Barn way back in the day. Before craft beer was called that, you could find what may actually be or else equate to (I don't know every countries laws) beers made in someone's bath tub in the bad part of Yugoslavia. $5.65/8oz bottle. $13 adjusted for inflation.

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    My three favorites are ones I have brewed myself, with my double bock probably the best. I also like La Petite, the house beer at Orval, and Turbodog (from Abita Springs) if it is drunk from the tap, not bottled. At the bottom, probably Corona.

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    Well, Mike lost me at preferring Guinness in a can and he pours into a frozen glass. I don't trust anyone with that opinion or someone who thinks Heineken is a good beer. I won't say you shouldn't do it if that is the way you like it but it is not the normal nor recommended way to serve Guinness.

    Anyway - here are mine and yes I am a hop head. I have been a hop head long before people began to hate it because IPAs got popular like many home brewers.



    Pliny the Younger

    However, those are really "everyday" beers, so a more everyday beer would be Sculpin or Torpedo.

    As for a stout, I prefer Old Rasputin over Guinness. Guinness is a fine beer and I like it and with the relatively low alcohol you can drink many of them as opposed to a lot of stouts which really up the alcohol.

    The worst I ever had I don't even remember the name, but it had peppers and was hot spicy hot. One of the only beers I could not drink more than a couple sips.

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