Which continent has the most hottest ladies???

And for this question let's divide Asia into 3:  East (China/Korea/Japan/Thailand/Vietnam/Cambodia/Philippines/Indoneisa) South (India/Pakistan/Bangladesh/Nepal/Bhutan) and Central (Middle East/Russia/the rest of the -stan's you get the idea).  Obvs every continent has its regions but Asia is really diverse this way.

So there are 8 continents to rank:




East Asia

South Asia

Central Asia

North America

South America

You can rank Antarctica if you want so I guess that makes 9 but tbh I think you're super weird if you're into Antarctic ladies.


I also debated separating Sub-saharan Africa from Northern Africa but I just didn't feel like the Northern African population is big enough to be it's own thing.  Also it's kind of similar to the Middle East?

1 Answer

  • mars
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    North America..

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