My sandisk mp3 player accidentally got in the laundry machines :(?

Good morning electronics experts so a few days ago, my Clip Zip (mp3 player) accidentally got washed and dried in the laundry machines along with my $200 earphone (very sad) and then I put them in the rice for about 3 days although they were already dry from the dryer machine. This morning I decided to turn them on and the earphone still worked but I think there's some statics/distortions (still not sure probably just my psychology) but overall still good. My MP3 player however although at first it looked like it's still okay (finally back to life after trying to push/hold the buttons for quite a long time), and the sdcard was also still detected, every time I charged it up/plugged in the power cord, the mp3 would turn off (the screen goes out) and every time I pull off/disconnect the power cable, the mp3 will turn back on with a long loading screen with the battery remaining low no matter how long it has been charged. What has likely been damaged, guys? Help, this mp3 has been with me for over 10 years :(

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Give those items a decent burial and buy new ones.   

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