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What does this mean on this cd case?

I bought a Ben e king cd recently and it says on the back of the cd case

 “ the music on this compact disc was originally recorded on analog equipment, we have attempted to preserve, as closely as possible, the sound of the original recording. Because of it’s high resolution, however, the compact disc can reveal limitations of the source tape. "

What does this mean? I did notice Spanish Harlem on the cd album didn’t sound as good as it did on vinyl, it has had the ‘depth’ taken out of the sound.

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    Old recordings on old equipment had little dynamic range and much less sound detail resolution than later recordings. 

    Compare early 1960s Beatles recordings to late 1960s recordings. Not only are the early recordings often monophonic, but they just sound dull and muddy.

    Partly that’s because early in their careers they couldn’t afford to use the best studios, but it’s also because during that there were big technological advances in sound recording led by demand for better audio quality on LP stereo records (or LP stereo vinyl as everyone seems to call them these days). 

    So straight porting of those analogue recordings to modern digital media which has a far higher dynamic range and which has massively better signal to noise ratios tends to show up every flaw and shortcomimg in the original recordings. 

    But proper remastering to clean up the worst defects and produce a better quality digital recording than the straight porting could ever achieve can make those recordings sound less unimpressive on digital media. They cannot restore details which were never recorded to begin with though.

    In general, recorded music often sounds better when played back on the technologies it was originally intended to be played on. Although I’d exclude the Compact Cassette from that as they never had great sound quality. Later examples of vinyl records can also sound pretty poor: manufacturers often weren’t mastering them very well and were using lower quality pressings. But being a cynic, I still think that was done to push people over to CD so that many purchased their favourite music again in the newer format.

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    it was transferred from analog to digital base so the sound MAY have been changed ................

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