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Husband sex addiction ?

My husband is 81 years old and he masturbate everyday, (maybe 1-3 times if he don’t ejaculate) he now use plastic around his penis to stop vibrator from rubbing him raw. We are both retired and he don’t like going on trips because of it. We went to PR for a week and did a 6hr bus tour and all he did was complain about being on the bus and rather play with himself. (He brought all toys on the trip). He’s my husband and I do love him but don’t want him to die from it. Could he harm himself from doing this everyday, he also take viagra everyday. Not sure how to get him help, he uses the “I’m a man, and need it” excuse. Please help.


1-3 hours, he never went pass 3hr, but would give up and trying again that night.

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    go on holidays by yourself. Do your own thing and don;t let him hold u back. Maybe once he says you out enjoying himself he may give up his bad habit. No use badgering him. get out with friends too,

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    give him nookie and help him out

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    You are  telling us that he is not getting any sex from you, obviously..  

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    his prostate gland should be very much enlarged

    and painful by now

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    1 month ago

    You could consider a long term involuntary Baker Act, if that's possible.

    How long does it take him to finish

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    i would hope not

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