I saved photos from my flash drive onto my laptop ( into a folder). Yet when I try to upload 1 onto facebook, it's not there. What do I do?

I triple check to see that I've opened the right folder, and I do.  On the laptop itself, I click on such folder, and every picture I saved is in that folder.  Yet, when on facebook, I go to post a photo.  I click the folder.  The folder opens, and has zero photos listed.

Recently I bought a USB flash drive.  I then (at office depot) scanned about 200 photos onto it.  That is a lot of photos, but they fit onto the USB with a lot of room left.  Not to talk your ear off, but when cleaning my late father's house, I found photo albums, and packets of pictures, of him, his late wife, his friends, and for sentimental value, I want to upload them onto his legacy page.

Before the pandemic, I scanned pictures onto a flash drive at the library.  I then, at the library, logged onto a computer.  Next, I saved each picture to a flash drive.  Afterwards, I would title each photo, then post it on face book.

The library is closed now, yet office depot has a scanner just like the one at the library.  I am remaining hopeful that soon I can post these photographs on his legacy page.  He was a great person, and his friends would truly appreciate seeing more images of him.

Any help/information is greatly appreciated.  Please no rude or sarcastic answers.  Thank you dearly.

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  • keerok
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Does your file manager show file extensions? If not, enable it. I suspect the photo you're trying to upload doesn't have the right extension for fb to accept. If this is the case, simply convert the photo to JPG first before uploading. If you don't have a graphic program to do that, get Irfanview. It's free.

  • 1 month ago

    Further to the correct information offered by Adrian, what format have you saved the scanned photographs in?  Only certain file formats will be recognised by facebook.  (The file formats are identified by looking at the suffix ... the 3 or 4 letters after the individual file names.)

    As facebook isn't 'seeing' the photographs in the folder on your laptop, which indicates that they're either of the wrong file type OR they're too large for you to upload.

    If you can give us further information, we will VERY LIKELY be able to tell you how to convert the filetype(s) and the size(s) of individual photographs.

  • Adrian
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Did you actually copy the photos, or did you simply create a shortcut to the external drive?

    Try to re-copy the photos from the USB device to you HDD on the laptop. Try one or two at a time to verify you are copying them correctly.

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