What training can get you good job?


Or 1 year degree?

Update 2:

How much is hourly pay?

Update 3:

How long is training 

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  • Depends on the job you're applying for. Some jobs offer better training and pay then others. At my work place the training wasn't the best, but I learned along the way and I get payed a decent wage 

  • Bill-M
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    1 month ago

    Since your in the Military Section of Yahoo Answers, I will assume your asking about Military Training.

    There are 100's of Jobs in the Military (all branches) that can lead to a good civilian job after your service.

    Here is one Example: 

    The Nuclear Training Electronic Technician for "Nuke ET" must qualify for, and enlist under the Navy's Nuclear Field Program to join this high tech job.

    The Nuclear Training career path is the most academically challenging enlisted rating in the Navy. In fact, it offers the highest specialty pay and reenlistment bonuses of the Navy and requires intensive training the first few years of service for the recruit seeking the Nuclear Training career path. Students in the nuclear career path must be motivated self-starters with a keen understanding of advanced math and sciences.  72-month obligation

    Pay.  Standard Military Pay scale.

    How long is the Training:  18 Months

  • 1 month ago

    well you can do this training and get a really good job

    4 years of college- chemistry degree

    3 year of med school-- dr of medicine

    3 years of nerosurgery residency

    3 year of post residency nerosurgery fellowship

    then you can make about $300,000 grand a year

  • John
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    1 month ago

    Missile Fire Control Technician is electro-mechanical. You need an IQ of at least 125 . GCT/ARI 119. When I got out I took what ever job I could find until I found Electronics Automation Corporation (type C corporation) and had the pleasure to fire the boss, the man who hired me. He should have never threatened to kick my ***.

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  • 1 month ago

    Any of the Trades Like Plumbing Bricklaying Plastering Carpenter Electrician Painter Roofer etc

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