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I want to dye my hair dark gray before Thanksgiving at home, What should I do?

I bleached and dyed my hair orange in February this year.

When my roots started to grow out, I decided to try blue to cover up the orange. 

I used Pravana's hair dye. 

It was alright. Mostly a teal color. Though I expected it to be some shade of greenish.

The bleed was too much for me though, so I went and dyed it with a permanent black dye from Garnier.

Over the 6 months of me not touching my hair, I had seen streaks of a vibrant teal color, which concerned me, but it didn't look bad so I've kept it until now.

Now meaning tonight. I used a Clarifying shampoo and a color remover as I'm going on vacation in a month and I wanted to switch my hair up.

My hair is now a lighter brown than my natural color. 

The problem is that there's very vibrant DEFINITELY green streaks and bits all on the bottom half of my hair.


I can't afford to go to a professional.

Can someone who is experienced tell me how to remove the green so I can start the process into dark gray?

Also, if you could please include tips, advice, best products for me to use to get there? I don't want to go and significantly damage/mess up my hair.

Thank you in advance~

(My hair is mostly thin. It's straight, mostly asian hair.)

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  • donnie
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    1 month ago

    Alright then have fun. 

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