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I have a question for married couples that have been together for a long time: do you ever feel yourself missing the honeymoon phase ?

You know that moment when you first met you spouse and you felt insanely happy and giddy.then after like a year or so life takes over and your hormones calm down and you feel not as excited to see them because you’re used to them. It’s nothing like honeymoon phase it’s the best feeling ever getting to know your spouse for the first time is amazing 

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    The honeymoon phase is intense. But life levels out to wonderful feelings and comfort in your love. We have been married 52 yrs. Most of our sex has been of the fun and playful kind, not the candlelight and music kind.

    Think outside the bedroom. Next time you take a shower, wear just the towel around the house for a while. See how long it takes before he pulls it off. My wife wears just a Tshirt that comes to mid butt. (drives me crazy) cook breakfast in just panties on a day that he goes to work (or golfing, fishing, etc). He will think about that all day. On a day when he is home, do the same, then sit on his lap and feed him his breakfast. Snuggle up on the couch when he is watching TV, then start unbuttoning something on you or on him. Have a naked video night where you both sit naked on the couch, popcorn and drinks, and watch something you like (doesn't have to be porn). Have naked breakfast on Saturday mornings. Don't forget car sex. Scout out a place when you are alone, then one night when you are driving home, say, "Turn here." and guide him to the spot.. Pull out some battery powered candles for the dashboard. We had a book called "101 sexual positions" and a jar with pieces of paper numbered 1 to 101. We would pick a number and try that position. Have sex in every room, on, under, or beside every piece of furniture. Try sex on the stairs. After you have done a few of these, challenge him to come up with something. But most of all HAVE FUN!!!!

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    No, life will never be like a honeymoon all the time, if that is what you're looking for I'm afraind you are in for a really big shock.

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    It’s still the best feeling ever, While I don’t know about all of you guys but that honeymoon phase isn’t that amusing as to starting a family with your spouse after having your family you always think of them in a sweet and corny way run around with your first child holding your child hands while you walk across the streets playing ball with them 

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    That's a very good question that you asked and most couples will tell you that's why they call it a honeymoon phase

     it's like with anything when it's hot it's hot and then after awhile in order for it to stay together it has to skimmer for a while sometimes it may even cool down 

    however it should never grow cold

    Believe it or not the Bible gives a lot of good advice on marriage and it talks about constantly renewing the Gap in a section of one's marriage

    It talks about husbands continue to love your wives wives have deep respect for your husband having affection for the sexual needs of one's mate ahead of your own

    Following those principles in the Bible will keep your marriage fresh and in that honeymoon so to speak

    But realistically with the having a children the daily pressures of life building a family together this will take away from some of the youthesss your first being together

    Yeti couples have found that after the children are grown they can start their life over by getting to know each other it's like dating someone for the first time if they put the effort into it

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    I don't miss it. My husband and I have been together for 22 years. Sure the honeymoon phase is exciting, but it's nothing compared to that deep love that can develop over time. I'd say that compared to back then, we're more compatible now, have more fun, and hey... when you've had 20 years to practice, there are other things that can be pretty amazing too. ;)

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    I still get excited around my wife.  I think most guys do, even after 25 years.  But women, they don't get married because of the guy - and that is a big deal.

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    The so called "honeymoon phase" for my husband and I was over in 6 months or less. After that, things felt routine but see I am the type that doesn't MIND routine! I don't like too much stress and changes and if you can feel comfortable with them just sitting on the couch watching Netflix while you fall asleep or taking walks together by the lake is already like going to "disneyland" then I dont' think you have anything to worry about because that's a very good sign that you won't feel BORED because you know that "bored" is just your state of mind and that life is FAR from boring! You can always make up new things to do together and life's isn't always supposed to be exciting all the time. This isn't the movies. This is life! You need to find someone that doesn't mind taking out the trash and doing the dishes and all that "mundane" life stuff. 

    Source(s): 36 and married three years.
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    I never keep a woman around long enough to get bored . So no That never happens in my world. I ride with an MC . Ladies love outlaws lots of them around all the time.

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    After 30 years its a different kind of love. Better in some ways. Deeper. more understanding. Sure those early years were a thrill, but nothing compares to true love, which takes time to develop.

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    We fall madly in love, don’t we, thinking (feeling rather) that it will last forever and is enough for a serious relationship. However, it’s very hard to live on an emotional high for very long. Eventually we start to come down from the ecstasy, excitement, strong passions and desires, typically after around 18 months to three years (people vary of course). If couples are friends, discuss their mutual values, shared ambitions, interests, etc., in some depth (obviously there will be some differences, which help make relationships interesting), and make plans, work on their personal development, etc., this can develop into a long and wonderful relationship. If one feels insecure or low in self respect, it can make for a difficult partnership. It's easy to behave at our best when in love, but marriage, for example, requires a lot of self discipline, sacrifice, compromise and flexibility. If a strong friendship is not in place, the relationship will probably peter out eventually - or worse. Quite often we fall in love because we are lonely and allow ourselves to be won over by anyone who takes an interest in us. Thus we give away control to somebody else if we are not careful. This is another reason for taking things very slowly, and really getting to know someone before committing ourselves or getting too emotionally or sexually involved. Sex can be emotionally bonding, which is disastrous if the other things are not there: strong friendship, similar values and standards, common interests, etc.

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